White reissue - stain resistant enough?

  1. Anyone have a white reissue? Am wondering if it is durable and cleanable like the white caviar (well, maybe not as much, but enough)?

    I think a 226 white w/silver would be nice for events and nights out. :love:

    So not a hard use bag, but also I don't baby my bags. But do you think the white would be cleanable/nonstainable enough to make it worth it? :confused1:
  2. I actually just got a white 04 anniversary edition white reissue 226 and was hoping it was durable too. I'd like to hear any input as well.
  3. Well with white, there is always a bigger risk. It is just the way it is. Anyway, lambskin or calfskin is still more delicate than the caviar and thus, I think it is more prone to stains. Plus, if you have oils/dirt on your fingers, over time it definitely shows up on bags IMHO. I don't own this bag in white but I do own others so I thought I'd put in my .02 anyway.

    I do have to say that I love white. I actually think that once you get in the habit of being a bit more careful with white it kind of becomes second nature to protect it a bit more and I don't find it to be much of a hassle.
  4. Well, if it gets dirty, Chanel can always clean it ! I plan to use and enjoy mine. Since I already have a Chanel caviar white Jumbo and a white medium caviar flap, I probably wont get to use the reissue enough to get to the point of showing wear anyway.
  5. Luccibag, Where did you find a white anniversary? Are there still a few around, or did you eBay it?
  6. I got it from a friend. They do turn up on eBay from time to time though.
  7. Hi there, I own a 2005 anniversary distressed white reissue 226. Not sure if you are referring to the same one as i have not seen a pure white reissue. It's definitely easy to maintain. I also own a 2.55 white caviar jumbo and have been told that stains easily (say if u wear dark jeans, u have to be extra careful).
  8. I own one but it's the very small reissue White hone bag. I think it is pretty clean and does not stain easily. It's not a very bright white though - it's sort of a grey/white color but the distressed leather is pretty stain resistant.

  9. i have a dark white flap that is close to cream color and i have to take extra care of her whenever i carry her! i'm also worried it'll turn yellow and that it will be stained easily so i hardly carry her out. i must say this though - every time i open the box, she makes me fall in love with her all over again!
  10. I have read here on the forum that Chanel will refurbish white bags. Years ago when I bought my first classic I was told (at the boutique) that Chanel could not redye white bags, so I backed away from white bags as if they had the plague. That is until just before the last price increase came along. I wanted a white bag for summer and said caviar it must be. If anyone has taken their white lambskin in to be cleaned, dyed, refurbished, please tell us the outcome. (Okay, I'm a skeptic that they changed their policy.)

  11. ITA:yes: and white turns yellow in time...though white chanels are really lovely! but this is exactly the reason why i keep on re-thinking on getting a white flap/reissue.
  12. In my honest opinion the White Reissue Leather wears similar to Caviar and I have not found oils on my hands etc to be an issue and I do not baby the bag. I own a Camel Lambskin Clasic Flap which is a bag that stains if you breathe on it and I have not found that to be the case with the Reissue. I wear my white Reissues (and other Reissues) like I do my Caviars - no babying needed at all.