White Quilted Wristlet

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  1. Do you think it will get dirty fast? It's so beautiful in the pic on eLux. I'm so tempted! Is it versatile, can it also be used as a wallet rather than a wristlet?
  2. That is a beautiful wristlet! I agree though, it doesn't look like it would be a very useful daily wallet. Have you considered a Zip Clutch instead?
  3. it is soo pretty tho!

    but if you're looking for a wallet get a zip clutch, they are awesome!
  4. Great looking small clutch for wedding, going out, etc., Has wider interior than most wristlets, but not a good choice for wallet. IMO.
  5. Thanks everyone. It is beautiful and I did order it to use as a clutch. Last month I purchased a ZC in black to match my small MP but the color of the gold hardware is off compared to my bag (different seasons). The ZC is slightly brighter and golder than the bag. I'm probably going to return to Saks. Can't wait to get my wristlet though, never owned one before!
  6. ^^^^ Good! - I was going to remind you to just get it ordered and then you can see how you like! - I can't believe how fast the stock on elux runs out!
  7. Congrats!! Post pics when she arrives!
  8. I received the wristlet but a bit disappointed because I was expecting white and it's actually off-white. It's still nice and seems roomy for a clutch. I'll try to post a pic (I'm a newbie, haven't done that yet).