White/Putty/Parchment Leather Bags stain too easy?

  1. In my search for the "IT" bag, I was wondering how easy you think the putty/parchment/white color stains?

    I would like a light purse that is neutral enough to go with everything, but how do they hold up in everyday use, everyday as of going to work in a regular clean office environment.....?

    I m having my eye on the white legacy 12705

    Or the white peyton (maybe even atlantic, but that's not part of the quesiton right now)
  2. Well, I just bought the Legacy in parchment. I've only had her since Saturday so I can't comment on how she'll hold up. My SA did say that the garcia leather with the sheen finish that it has, should be easier to wipe clean compared to say a pebbled white leather bag. Hopefully, this is true. First thing I did was Apple condition the heck out of it! LOL....this really helped to repel the dirt off my white Ali over the summer. I'm hoping it will do the same for my new Legacy. I just love the color so much that I'm not going to worry about it. I'm going to wear this bag and enjoy it!:yes: