White purses in the winter

  1. I just wanted to see how many of you are carrying your white purses in the winter.

    Since they sold white Cabas and MC in the fall, I guess the rules don't appy anymore.

    I wanted to carry my white Bbag, but I feel weird.

  2. Why weird? A white bag in winter reminds me of snow, so it fits perfectly to this season :smile:))
  3. I carry my white purses year round.
  4. I love to use white bag in winter and black bag in summer!!! HAHA~
    Everyone says I'm weird.... but I think is nice to use white bag in winter... winter white... reminds me of snow!
  5. where do you live Laurel?
    here in the South, the old rules have basically gone out the window. White is pretty much year around here now.
    I've been carrying my dark white Vintage Tote all week:
  6. Well Laurel, I feel your pain - LOL
    I would love to carry a white handbag in the winter as well, but just cannot at this point bring myself to do it. I am from the deep South and that old rule " no white before Easter or after Labor Day" is just bred in me:upsidedown:.
    BUT.... I did see in one of the fashion mags yesterday that the "now bag" is a white handbag for winter, quote to add contrast to winters dark colors unquote. So.... I think if I can find a white Chanel that I love I will go ahead and break tradition. Yes, I said it:amazed: ! I'm going to do it:shocked:
    I will post when I finally find a white bag.
  7. Amanda
    Just be glad you get to live in the Dallas area of the South, fashion and shopping is more diverse there.
    BTW, love the Vintage Tote!!! Is it from the Cloudy Bundle Ligne? Is it a pure white or more of an off white? I have noticed with Chanel when the color is blanc it still tends to be more off white, than a true white.