White Purse - color seasonal???

  1. My teenage daughter (okay, now you know that I am regarded as a complete idot!) said that the Legacy Shoulder Bag in white, which I absolutely love, is a good color to use year round.

    Well, call me old and out of style, but I thought white would look out of place in the dead of the winter. I love the white and I'm too much of a practical person to buy a $400 purse for a few months of the year. This would be my first COACH bag, by the way.

    Do any of you use white bags at any time of the year? I don't want to look like someone "who tried to but couldn't" as my mother used to say.
  2. I love white bags any time of year!!
  3. winter white is awesome, esp if you have a great bright winter coat that it is up against. Then, in the Spring a bright scarf tied around it is so classic. She is right, your daughter has a great eye!
  4. Even though I am 33 and live in CA...I still can't do white before Memorial Day...I'm old-school like that. LOL. Actually I'll probablu start using it in late March.
  5. All-year round as long as it matches the outfit. :yes:
  6. Thanks! I'll let her know. I think I'm going to go for the white then. It jusst looks so delicious.
  7. I'm seriously thinking about getting a white Ali, and even though the fashion world is now saying white is seasonless, I'll probably put it up come fall. I wear a lot of white in the spring/summer so if I do get it the cost per wear should balance itself out come September.....that'll be my way of justifying it!!
  8. it's an all year round color!
  9. All year round!!! White is the new black! I see plenty of women with white bags in the winter!!
  10. I don't like it in the fall until January. for some reason once January hits, I'm pushing spring, so I like it then, but after October I just can't do it.
  11. I believe the "no white after Labor Day" rule went out the window a long time ago.

    I think it's more just personal opinion/style.
  12. i personally love the look of white against a snow backdrop
    however from experience i know that it does get quite dirty!
    so just watch out for tables, chairs etc. lol hidden stains-to-be await
  13. I love the winter white color for winter..it looks gorgeous!

  14. I agree...white before Memorial Day seems funny to me but I love it on someone else.
  15. I think white is so sharp all year around!