White pumps

  1. Are they a staple? Do you own a pair? Are they easily mis-matched to an outfit? I've never owned a pair and am wondering if I should.
  2. You should defenetly buy a pair! I used to have a lot but now I only got one pair with almost no heels. Can't really walk in heels :sad:

    It looks awesome now when it's summer, well late summer, but still. Looks really fresh IMO.
  3. To me, I think one pair is enough. I personally find them hard to match sometimes (or maybe my closet is not white-friendly), but there are times when everything just looks better with a white pair.

    I only have one pair, and they're my white patent Pigalles. I love them, but I got a tiny red line on them from my nail polish after an hour of wear (how that happened, I have no idea!).
  4. The white patent pigalles are the pair i'm considering, but I'm hesitating as I'm at a loss with what to wear them with. This should be a sign not to buy, but I have a terrible habit of dressing from the shoes up :shame:
  5. ...anyone?
  6. I think white sandals are more practical than white pumps. I actually bought white pigalles earlier this year but took them back to Saks after a month when I decided sandals where just so much more useful
  7. I personally am not a fan of white pumps. White sandals are better imo.
  8. I own two pairs, but would not consider them a staple to my wardrobe.
  9. being terribly clumpsy, if i wear white shoes, they will have dirt and scratches right after the first 2 seconds.
    some styling suggestions:
    i loved that patricia field let carrie wear the cutest 50 ies dresses and petticoats with white manolos. they were an unusual and creative finish to the whole outfit which wouldn´t be as fabulous as with the standard black pumps.
  10. also wear them with skinnies which stop right above the ankle for a classic and laidback look, but still extremely stylish.
    hope that i could inspire a little you
  11. I love them with long shorts, skinny pants and jeans and calf-length skirts. I don't own a pair (yet), but they seem like a good thing to add to my wardrobe.
  12. If I were to ever purchase a pair of white heels...they would definitely be PIGALLES!
    I've always wanted a pair of white heels (just to have), but they aren't too practical for me (which is funny because most of my heels aren't "practical". haha)

    But, I've always loved the idea of wearing white on white (white heels/ white outfit). This is the only way I'd probably sport them.

    Also, I think nudes have taken the place of whites (maybe). If an outfit ever called for a white heel, I think nudes or metallics would be a better replacement.

  13. Yep, that's my problem, I want them 'just to have' but they are probably not very practical (but practical takes the fun out of shoes sometimes).

    I like the contrast of the red sole with the white patent. I'm wondering if it would look cute with a dark denim skirt? Or dark grey jeans gathered at the ankles?
  14. :smile:WhiteOrleaner, thanks for those pics! SJP on SATC came to mind for me too
  15. I think that would look cute (I'd have to see it, though);)

    I'm not a huge follower of fashion (runway) and I'm barely starting to familiarize myself with designers, (so take what I say with a grain of salt), but I think it's be tough to make an outfit look "chic" with white pointed-toe pumps. I think the best way to go with them would be to go with a retro (70's punk/80's) inspired look.

    Or, maybe a 60's (mod) inspired look, or a 50's inspired look if we're talkin' white peep-toe pumps.

    Or, casual white heels/wedges for a breezy summertime look (also love the look of whites/gold/metallics).