White PST w/ Silver Hardware?

  1. I'm looking to get a white PST with silver hardware. From reading this forum, I gathered that they are somewhat rare. Has anyone seen one recently? If so, where?

  2. i saw a white GST with silver hardware at the neiman's in houston last night.

    is there a mid-size...between the PST and GST? because this didn't seem quite as large as a GST, but there were no others around to compare it to, and our chanel store was closed.
  3. so there IS a white PST? OMG :drool: :drool:

    is it in caviar or lambskin??
  4. i think someone on this forum got it in caviar...
  5. I just got one the end of last month, white caviar with silver hardware, I walked into Chanel in Short Hills Mall, asked them if this combo is available, and they said "wait I think there's one in the back" 2 minutes later the SA came back to me with it untouched in the box and I got it! before the increase too!! So, they DO make them, you just have to ask, the SA did tell me that it was one of like only 7 in the company at the time though, so I imagine that means what's available in Chanel boutiques right now but not sure if this is per US, or per region.........