White pool slides

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  1. I purchased these last week and now am afraid to use them because they will get dirty. Does anyone have these and how easy are they to clean when they do get dirty? Thanks

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  2. Well, they are PVC pool slides.. they are supposed to be used and get dirty and wet
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  3. LOL...So why did u pick white if you’re afraid of getting it dirty? I have blue Givenchy pool slides and I specifically picked a dark shade so it won’t look so dirty after a few uses. Maybe a darker color would’ve better suited you?
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  4. I cannot offer up how to keep these clean. Equally important, the chlorine from pool water may effect the color. We may need a thread for pool slides!
  5. They will get dirty with colour. My black Givenchy slides have scruffs on them after 2 weeks of use.
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  6. Scuffs are a given but the dirt won't be as visible compared to the lighter colored ones. My dark blue still looks great...some minor scuffs but nothing glaringly visible.
  7. I love how the white looks. The only slides that feet my narrow feet are these the Valentino, givenchy and Gucci are all way to wide. The Chanel are much heavier and shoe than the others.
  8. I think you can keep them clean if you keep on top of it. With my white sandals I make sure I clean them after every use with a cleaning wipe. Having said that over time the white is going to show wear. I totally agree with you about the weight of this shoe. I bought the black version and they are super heavy. I also have a narrow fit and prefer Chanel slides for this reason.
  9. Are they comfortable?
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