white ponyhair with swarovski crystal studs

  1. I think mshashmount bought one recently? I may be wrong.
  2. Eeew - that seriously looks bad!:sick:



    ^ Those are from one of personalshopper's old auctions - that's what a real one looks like. Same as I've seen IP.
  3. Oh wow it's scary how fake that first one is yet they have all the tags and receipt!!! The real one though is cute! The crystals however don't look as sparkly as I would expect for swarovski, they look a little more like plain rhinestones in the photo! Thanks for the photos!!
  4. jdy- it may be the picture- sometimes it's hard to photograph crystals?
  5. Jdy, it's possible that this one doesn't come w/ crystals.

    Balenciaga made 2 versions of the white ponyhair, one w/ swarovski crystal rivets, and another one w/ plain silver rivets (I'm guess in case anyone thought the crystals were too *bling* for them). I saw both at Barneys. This one looks like the plain version. :smile:
  6. I don't think the crystal one looks awful, it's just that photos are quite deceptive. I've seen the bag in real life and it's cute, if you're into lots of bling. I'd opt for the non crystal sort. :smile: