White Pony City w/ crystals

  1. Someone had a pony coin purse with crystals on ebay last week too. No hairy bags for me!:weird:
  2. I have always wanted one of these bags with crystals. I don't think it would be too practical though. I'm not crazy about the white pony hair. But it is so pretty. :yes:

    They were charging almost double what they bought it for. Aloha rag has had this same coin purse on sale forever! So if anyone wants it get it there.
  3. I would love to see this IRL! I would love a black one.
  4. looks pretty.. but the hair... *_* already have enough puppy hair to remove... don't want any hair from my bags...
  5. Do you think you have to brush it like a real pony? hehehe... Instead of applegarde you buy pony shampoo for it. hehehe
  6. I think that is nice to look at. It can't be very practical.
  7. I think 14 year old girls are carrying pony hair bags arent they? I saw some cheapo ones in Target Saturday.
  8. ^^^oh~ I did not know that! I thought there would be black with crystals! Thanks Pewter!
  9. ^ I wish there was. Black with crystals would be awesome...