White peggy on bluefly.com for 20% off!!

  1. There's one white peggy in my shopping bag now. But I decided to let it go as I think I'm going to have to pay a lot for customs. Someone take it before I change my mind!!

    It's $1168 + shipping!!
  2. There's a large black one today.
  3. There's a monogram one too.
  4. i dont see the monogram one??
  5. omg, i want that bag! thanks for finding it for me mylilsnowy
  6. Gosh, there are several Peggys in both medium and large right now. There's even the floral canvas from the Cruise collection.

    Peggy gals: go hit Bluefly but grab your promo codes off the Deals & Steal page first!!
  7. I want that bag sooo bad =( ....is there any left?
  8. I am so glad I found this thread. Finally I get the peggy.
  9. congrats socalgem!
  10. Thanks. Hopefully it is real.
  11. I missed it again :sad:
  12. keep checking BF..they seem to have a lot of nice looking Gucci's on their site.