White pearl Chanel sunglass cases:: do they get dirty easily?

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  1. Lol. I just replied to your thread in Makeupalley. I have had mine for over ayear, I don't carry it alot with me. It's now more scratched up than dirty.
  2. i have the white pearl case and it still looks brand new..ive had it for less than a year tho. i love that its white - it stands out inside my bag so i can easily find it.
  3. I just got mine so I cannot talk if they get dirty but ohhhh it feels so soft and nice, just love it!
  4. I have two white pearl cases, both over a year old, and they still look pristine. How dirty it gets will depend on how careful you are when using it.
  5. I have one white case that ive had over a year as well and it still looks like new. I wouldnt worry about it too much..it's just a case :smile:
  6. Mine haven't gotten dirty either. i've had for two years now and it's pretty easy to take care of. I throw mine around and what-not and it's still like new.
  7. i just got my first pair of chanel sunglasses this weekend in SoBe.. i love them. i got the big black ones w/ the mother of pearl c's on the side. i got the white case also .. i have to tell u , i think it will get more scrathes then dirty. enjoy ur new sunnies!!!
  8. Mine still looks good..I have both the shimmery white one and the more patent leather looking one and they look decent (I've had them for about 2.5 years).
  9. Agreed with the others... the pearly white/beige-ish case holds up in terms of dirtyness.. it doesn't really show any dirt, but b/c the case material is 'softer' it's more susceptible to marks or 'colour transfer'.

    For example, I accidentally swiped the case against a work desk and there's a mahogany/reddish 'stripe' from where I swiped the case against the work desk.
  10. I wish I had one to get dirty :Push:
  11. Mine's fine so far! Looks slightly "grey-er" than when i first got it but its holding up well!
  12. wow pretty are these the standard cases you get with sunnies?? or is it a seperate accessorie
  13. I agree with most - My white pearl case I have had for a number of years (at least 2 years) - no dirty spots on it, but I did get a scratch on it. They are very nice cases.
  14. I'm pretty careless when it comes to my sunglass cases. I usually just throw them in the backseat of my car or on the floor. I must say the white case I've had for 2 years is still clean. :biggrin: