White Patent YoYo

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  1. I first saw them on Lyanna Stark when she posted hers. I thought these were only made for Asia. Thanks to LavenderIce, I now own a pair. I'm still deciding if they're keepers, since the heels look so much different from my Beige Grease Paint, although they are both 85mm. I wish these came in the straight heels...

    (Too lazy to watermark my pictures, and with all the drama here lately, hopefully no one will claim these pics as theirs :tdown:)



    My YoYo siblings (both 85mm):

  2. Hey J. I like them a lot. White patent is gorgeous and perfect for this time of year. They look great on you (as usual). =)
  3. I also have the white yoyos and I love them! I find the color really striking against the red sole.
  4. Girl, you can rock any shoe! Those do look great and they're perfect for the summer.
  5. Beautiful. :drool: I love both the white & the beige. They definitely look like keepers to me. :tup:
  6. ^^The Beige are definitely keepers.

    Thanks ladies! Believe it or not I've had outfits planned out for the White pair even before they arrived :lol:, but the curved heels are making me doubt them....
  7. while not a fan of the curved heel personally i do think they look beautiful on you and i think white shoes are a must! lol. i have to keep reminding myself that i HAVE a white pair of chanel heels and therefore don't need another one. lol
  8. Hot!
  9. J, they look HOT on you! I think they are different enough that you can get a lot out of them. If you already had outfits planned with them, I think they belong in your wardrobe. Are the heels really that different between them? I do not know the difference? Aren't they both curved heel?
  10. Wow they look wonderful on you!!!

    Can you show us a heel comparison!
  11. They look great on you!! I love the white with the red sole (and your red nails!) Congratulations!!
  12. I couldn't agree more... these shoes look HOT on you! Don't doubt them. Maybe you just need to try on the complete outfits and see if you are really in love.
  13. Outstanding. I agree that they look great on you, I say they are keepers.
  14. WOW! The white YoYos are HOT and they look great on you.
  15. Thanks again ladies! I think you're all convincing me to keep them, LOL!

    They're the same curved heels, 85mm height. The Beige I'm okay having them in the curved heel, but the white makes the curved heel....well, not so nice. You know how when one shoe looks really hot in one color and not so hot in another? That's how I feel with the White.