White Patent Tote ...

  1. ... from the Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Magazine.

    Large tote in quilted white patent leather. Also available in black patent leather.

    Yours for only $3150!
  2. So beautiful!
  3. nice!
  4. :drool: It's beautiful!
  5. :drool:
  6. Naay for me
  7. love that. darn it.
  8. I really like it.
  9. Not special enough for 3K but very nice.
  10. I dont really like it...
    Just does not have that VAVOOM for me
  11. I like it but it is so not worth $3150. Maybe $1600-$1800.
  12. White is gorgeous.In btw what's the model/style No.???
  13. I like it.. But why so pricey!?!
  14. No style # listed but on page 144 of BG Holiday Magazine
  15. I like it!