White Patent Muse or Black Patent Muse?

  1. Hello PFers!!

    I want your opinions.. Should i get the white patent muse or the black patent muse? Does the black patent look a little too much? Which color would be best to wear now and in fall/winter?

    HELP! Tell me what you think :smile:
  2. i saw the white one and i've definitly fallen in love with that bag...but maybe the black is better to wear in winter.....
  3. I would go with the black patent!
  4. I really like the white one. White patent stays cleaner than leather so it's a really great opportunity to purchase a white bag that will last a long time.
  5. I like them both
  6. I prefer the black patent, it's a beauty.
  7. Black patent gets my vote. I still prefer the regular leather Muse.
  8. I'd say the black patent. I think you'd get a lot more use out of it than the white, especially in the winter.
  9. Black :smile: Wont have as much chance of discoloration.
  10. Thanks everyone! how about the regular leathered muses? Black or White?
  11. Both black for me on patent or regular leathered muse.
  12. Black from me too