White Patent Luxury Bowler in medium size is available at NM!

  1. My SA (Lyndsey) from Neiman Marcus, Tempa Bay has a white patent medium bowler available now at US$ 2,495 (before tax and shipping). Lyndsey can ship it to you anywhere (including international location). Below are the pics that I got from her. She may also still have a black one available too, e-mail or call Lyndsey if you are interested. She is SUPER NICE and helpful. :tup:

    Lyndsey Moores
    Neiman Marcus
    Tel: 813-877-5700 Ext 2123 (Handbags Department)
    Cell: 813-957-3544
    E-mail: Lyndsey_Moores@neimanmarcus.com

    I have already gotten the black one and just bought the white new modern chain tote from cruise collection, so I have to pass this white baby! Goodluck!

    PS. As you guys know, NM only accepts AMEX or NM Card. So if you do not have both, then the way to deal with this is to buy virtual gift cards from NM on-line...a bit hassle :confused1: but not that bad!
    White Patent Bowler - Luxury by Chanel.jpg Black & White Patent Bowler.jpg
  2. My white patent bag turned yellowish quickly after use and the hardware did not last long too (not silver or gold, like got a coating). :crybaby: i sent it back to Paris but it was returned saying that nothing could be done!!!
  3. ^ whattt!! so fast?? that's insane! i thought it would take a few years to turn yellow? is your climate humid? so sorry to hear that. good luck, where did you buy her from?
  4. Definitely not YEARS but you're quite right my place is humid. I bought it from Hong Kong Chanel shop. I would very much like to buy a white bag but am very scared that it will last for one season only.