White Patent Jumbo Classip or White Diamond Stitch?

  1. I really want a white bag for spring but not sure which one yet. Is white patent really high maintenance? What kind of leather is the diamond stitch? Which one you think I should get?
  2. Sorry, classic not classip:blush:
  3. Myself i don't like patent...i went with cavair! the jumbo flap is awesome...highly reccomended by everyone here!
  4. I think it depends on what kind of look you want -- structured or more easy-going.
    I have a black diamond stitch tote, and it is so easy to use and get in and out of.
  5. I have the small/medium diamond stitch bowler/tote bag. Its really pretty. Its made of a washed calf skin, I think thats what they said? I may take pics and post for you.
  6. i like the sound of a white diamond stitch!! :yes:
  7. i dont like patent either... so i vote white diamond stitch!!
  8. It's great if you could post a picture :yes:.
  9. I suggest white caviar jumbo classic flap...it's not on your list, but sooooooooooo gorgeous! And not high maintenance either! :yes:
  10. i've seen pics of the diamon stithc tote, i totally yay the diamond stitch tote. it's gorgeous
  11. The white patent is not easy to maintain. Color transfer can be a problem.
  12. My vote goes to the white DS tote. Of course it really comes down to how you are going to use it though. The classic can be casual/dressy but the DS tote might just be casual, but would make an awesome everyday bag. If you plan to get the white DS tote you should act fast. I am sure they will be sold out everywhere soon.
  13. I will post a thread tomorrow when I'm dressed and can take one with me wearing it too.
  14. :yes: ..yes..it is sooooo beautiful
  15. Have you ruled out both of these possibilities?

    I like the S/S 07 expandable flap (the one in the left-hand photo shown above], and I'm thinking it might be "best of both worlds" for you: versatile but without the drawbacks of patent leather.