white patent 2.55 classic still available?

  1. hi guys i live in australia and theres no chanel boutique where i live. i saw one listed on ebay by personalshoppers but wasnt sure whether to buy it or not because i havent seen it IRL. does anyone know if its still available and what leather it is?

    also, is it hard to keep clean? will it be better to go with the caviar? and is the white with silver hardware here to stay or limited edition? thanks!!!
  2. I bought this and returned it. It became dirty quite easily. It really was a nice bag, but I couldn't deal with the dirt factor.
  3. I was torn between the white patent and the black one but bought the black one. The white is GORGEOUS but I was told that white patent yellows over time :crybaby:. If it weren't for that comment, the white bag would be mine.
  4. thanks tlprmn and Molls... i thought of getting it coz i prob wont use it that much and would take good care of it but if its going to get yellow over time then i might just go for the caviar... is there much of a price difference do you guys know?

    and are they both here to stay with the silver chains?
  5. O goodness ! Yellows ? I guess there will be no white patent for me either . Ever .
  6. My black patent classic flap was $1795.
  7. tlprmn: wow you can return after its been taken out of the box/house? (I mean you wouldn't know it won't dirty if you hadn't taken it out i assume right?)
    Wel the black is gorgeous. I love it very much. You should model it!!

    As for white patent turning yellow - its same with almost all patent/polish light color leather items. Vernis line from LV does the same with its super light color goods too.
  8. thanks for your help... i called sydney and melbourne boutiques and they both dont have it anyway... they dont have any caviar classic flaps in white either... not my luck! i guess i gotta keep trying and hope white comes out next season and call up straight away!
  9. aww, that's too bad about the white yellowing. I would have bought the bag if only I didn't have the white caviar east/west already. Love the black patent also.
  10. I was able to return it for a full refund. I think they knew that it was going to happen. I only carried it once.