White/Parchment bag for everyday?

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  1. So based on the fact that the Carly may be on it's way out, I'm trying to decide on the Silver/Parchment/Grey leather Carly. I'm just worried if I use it as an everyday bag it will get dirty quickly, (I'm really rough on my bags). So those of you that have a white bag how do they hold up against the daily grime? TIA!

  2. Well if you are set on getting a white/light colored bag then be sure to spray it with Apple Guarde first before using it to prevent color transfer issues and to keep the soiling to a minimum.

    JMO but if you are admittedly rough on your bags do you really think that it is a good idea for you to be purchasing a white/light(er) colored bag?

    Personally I am beyond careful with my bags and I dont even trust myself with a white bag.......
  3. I couldnt do it, good luck :smile: I think my bag would be dirty fast.
  4. I have a white bag, but I'd never use it for an everyday bag. I can be kind of rough on my bags too, so I save it for certain occassions when I know it won't get dirty or beat up.
  5. If I were to get a whitish/beige bag, I'd choose patent. I'd stick with blacks and dark colours myself.
  6. I looove white bags and it's my fav color :smile:. I always carry one for summer, but they do get dirty. You just have to be extra careful. You might be able to clean a leather Carly easily though.