white pants

  1. hi guys..since summer is around the corner :wlae: , i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on cute white pants that are versatile enough to be worn casually, to work, or even out...thanks!! :p
  2. nothing specific but i have a pair of wide leg linen trousers i bought 3 years ago in H&M and they are my summer wardrobe staple. they go with everything
  3. I like linen pants too! and cropped white pants
  4. I like white jeans, I really love my Seven Dojos and TR Joeys in bleached wash, both are wide leg and comfy enough for casual wear and even going work topped with a nice blazer and heels on a Friday.
  5. ohhh the dojos sound good!
  6. I just got a really great white Tahari pant suit. The pants look great when worn alone, dressy or casual.
  7. You can wear white pants with a cute sheer top. My friend did it and was really cute, because the top had alot of color in it.
  8. Linens are awesome! I have a really cute drawstring pair from Victoria's Secret that are of surprisingly good quality.