White, Pale Rose Pink or Cornflower Blue First B Bag?

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  1. Any thoughts, this is my first and I like all three!
  2. Out of those three I would say 1. cornflower, 2. rose pink 3. white. But my all time fav. is INK!
  3. I just purchased a white Box style & it seems to be the perfect size & color for all occasions. I really wanted a summer bag so that is why I chose white. I like the fact that a white bag is kinda like a black bag in the sense you can pretty much wear it with any other color. Although, you do have to be really careful with white. Good luck.
  4. I second that!!! :love:
  5. pink pink pink!
  6. I'm def leaning towards pink but it's so hard:biggrin:
  7. I'd say pink too as they've released so many gorgeous blues already but not that many pale pinks. Although if you included ink in your choices I would definitely pick ink!!
  8. Cornflower!!!!!!!
  9. I have all three colors and they're all fabulous! However, the white and pale rose IMO are summer colors. The cornflower blue IMO can be used in all four seasons, so maybe for your first Balenciaga it would be the best choice. Btw, my cornflower City was my first Bbag.
  10. Cornflower Blue is the most beautiful, happiest, vibrant color I've ever seen on a Bbag....makes me want to go hug my Twiggy right now!
  11. Cornflower! with pale rose a close second choice :smile:
  12. i'd have to say:
    1. cornflower
    2. white
    3. pink

    but then i reckon every girl should have at least one pink bag!

    what size b-bag are you hunting for????

    good luck!
  13. Thanks! I'm looking for the "First" style...still not sure, probably pink or cornflower blue
  14. white is a great no brainer basic first and perfect for summer!
  15. Personally, I'd go with (1)white (2)cornflower (3)pink :P
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