White Paddington question

  1. Is there a all white Paddington? I've seen an off white / cream color where the trim is a tan-ish color or even a darker color, but I never remember seeing a white or even off white / cream Paddington where the trim was the same color of the bag. Is there a bag like this?

    I saw a lady in Nordstroms yesterday carrying white Paddington and the trim on the bag was also white. It looked very really, but I don't remember ever seeing one before. Was this a fake, or have I just missed this...?

    Also, does anyone have any pictures of their white / cream / off white Paddington?

  2. Blanc is the closest color to what you're describing. hmwe46 could probably tell you about that since she just got hers. :yes:
  3. from what I understand all of the authentic paddingtons have different colored leather edging.
  4. hmwe I have a feeling I've read somewhere blanc is also called chalk but honestly I'm not 100% sure, I might be wrong aswell...? :upsidedown:
    On NM they call that one chalk - I just wonder could it be they just ptotoshopped the picture way too much and it actually represents blanc..?
    If you enlarge the picture the edging looks like pale beige:shrugs: It doesn't really look like blanc or cream but the web stores seem to photoshop paddy pics a lot
  5. Hey Sonja, I don't think NM photoshops this pics (LVR does for sure, maybe NAP?).

    So I think this is the actual sampple bag pic. The edges are very light!! I am totally
    dying to buy this and see what it looks like IRL - :greengrin:
  6. LoL, I hope someboy buys it - I would love to know how is it like in real! :biggrin:

    I think you're right, photos on NM are more realistic than on other sites so it looks like there's a colour we havent ever seen, how exiting..!! :o)