White or Red Gaucho??

  1. Okay I need some opinions...what color do you all prefer in the double saddle gaucho? the white or the red? or do you like the tote better??
    any input is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. I have the red.. I think the color is gorgeous and goes a lot more with outfits.

    The white is too gray, didn't like that it looked "used", although that's supposed to be the distressed look.

    I get tons of compliments and stares at my bag though.. hope this helps!
  3. i have seen neither in person, but from the pics i would chose white...i like that off-white chalky look! you don't have to be as nervous with an all white bag and it gives it character too!
  4. I would definitely pick the red over the white. The white isn't as chalky in rl as it is in the pictures. I was a little disappointed in it. But have you seen the fall season's colors? They have a gorgeous blue too.
  5. I have it in red and love it .Mine is a tote (two handles?)I just got back from vegas.and they had some different styles of the Gaucho that I have never seen.One had the kiss lock kind of style
  6. I would go for the red as well if I had to choose between those 2 but I like the black the best.
  7. Have you seen the earrings? they match the coin and key on the bag.Very cute.
  8. The tote style is extra nice because of the shorter handles .It lays flat under your arm.Looks more chic.
  9. White! I think it's a better neutral; red will be much harder to match.
  10. Red because as much as I like the White, it would get dirty easily I would think. I love them both equally and those are the only two colors I would ever consider when getting a Gaucho.
  11. Thanks for the replies!! The thing is I already have the white double saddle gaucho. I haven't worn it yet and today I got a phone call from a sales associate saying that they have the red in. So I don't know if I should get the red and sell the white or just keep the white. :unsure:
  12. I like the white better
  13. I honestly like both, as well as the tote. :smile: I'm no help at all, but I think any of them would be a good choice.
  14. I love the red but I also love the white. The brown also...but I say red saddle white tote get both would be perfect!
  15. I love it in red :love: