White or Plunge?

  1. Which color should I get?

  2. white is my favorite!
  3. Depends on your skin tone. If you are very pale, get plunge. But if you have a bit of a tan, get white.
  4. i would go for the plunge.
  5. i'd go for white. I'm pale and for the record white makes me look A LOT more tan, and that blue colour sucks on me, haha
  6. I like both really. But as mentioned above, the skin tone would be a major factor.
  7. White! Who makes this? It's really cute...I want one!
  8. I'd go for white- the plunge is a little tacky :push:
  9. white
  10. So true.
  11. white
  12. Juicy Couture.
  13. My skintone is pretty much like the models and my hair is pretty close to her hair color as well...just a tiny bit darker.
  14. Both! lol, but white first :smile: I want one too! Are these new for '07?
  15. I like both too. The plunge color is really nice because it pops out.