White or Pink East-West BAG...are there any left? =(

  1. :sad:Hi Everyone,

    Anyone still see the white east-west bag? I called the Chanel number and they said it was never made for the year 2007. =(
  2. I bought mine in 06 and I heard they were all sold out but maybe one can turn up at a boutique or dept. store.
  3. I bought a east west bag a few months ago at the Bloomingdales Chanel Boutique in south coast plaza, give them a call it was before the price increase at $1395 714 824 4668, the reps. are not to familar with the purses, so it would be best to have the style #
  4. I've been searching since April for a white E/W--I tried so many boutiques (I even looked while I was in Hawaii)--no luck. I had to buy mine on E-bay, which I really did not want to do (it was my first handbag purchase through a reseller), so this may be your only route.

    On the upside, I know that pink will be available for Spring 2008 :p