White or Pewter?

  1. I am planning on two balenciagas - a city and a first. I posted about city colors below but now on first size -->

    Should I go with white or pewter? Which goes with more? I am not sure I can keep white clean but it is pretty...is pewter too flashy for day use? It seems to have mauvish undertones. I work in a lawfirm so probably couldn't use the pewter during the day right?

  2. I think white might get dirty fast. I have a white Fendi and a Balenciaga pewter and I find the pewter more versatile. It's actually not flashy at all and the color is more subdued.
  3. I like them both, but if your budget will not permit you to indulge at the moment, I would suggest the white.
  4. You're asking for the First size, right? If so, then Pewter! It's small so won't be too flashy, if you're worried about that. It is a very nice colour.. not one of those bright, shiny metallics:smile:

    White would go dirty, esp around the handles, something to keep in mind if you plan on using it daily or often.
  5. I just bought amanda's first pewter and it is beautiful but I would not take it to work at a law firm. It can easily be a day bag but not in the conservative arena of a law firm. Just my opinion but with that said I say get the pewter, it is going to be my go to evening bag and fun in the sun bag this summer.
  6. i like them both... but i would get a pewter and then white! :smile: