white or honey fendi?

  1. gorgeous girls,

    help! I am addicted to fendi spy!!! I am in love with the bag. I recently purchased a cognac spy and am contemplating on getting a white or honey spy. Is the honey spy too much of the same color with the cognac for me to get it? As I see from pics, the white leather isn't as yummy as the honey spies.

    help me girls I need your smart opinions

  2. Honey, get the honey spy. Its more durable.
  3. Yes, you are right. The leather on white spies for some reason are NOT as yummy as the leather on other color spies, it's less textured and not as "bubbly".
  4. I would say the honey. Maybe on summer you can get the white.
  5. Same here!
  6. Honey all the way!:yes:
  7. i say "go for white", bcuz it'll go with most outfits.!
  8. honey...
  9. LOVE white...its so pretty....Honey is practical!!!! Both lovely. (yeah...big help huh??) GET BOTH!!!! lol
  10. white is casual and easy to match but high maintenance.....honey is nice too and at least its low maintenance....so i go for the honey
  11. thanks girls, I think I would go for the yummier leather which is the honey. thanks
  12. honey :smile:
  13. honey:wlae:
  14. I will go for honey cos white can easily get dirt on it although it is pretty.
  15. Honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!