White or Grey Range Rover sport??

  1. Need help on choosing a color for my next car. I'm getting the range rover sport and I can't decide whether to get white or grey. I love white cars but think the range rover looks cheap in white because you tend to see the blk plastic molding more. The grey is classy but kind of dull. Blk, red, and silver are not an option............Help!!!:girlsigh:
  2. well it seems like you have already made up your mind, go for the grey one then! personally, i would choose a black one.
  3. I'd go with gray, and an extended warranty. ;)

    From Consumer Reports:
    "First-year reliability has been much worse than average."
  4. Grey, white is pikey
  5. what does pikey mean??:s
  6. My brother just got the white, 2008...its gorgeous!
  7. i say get the white, there's not much black molding on the sports (i understand the hate of black molding, though, that's the whole reason i didn't get a BMW 3 series back in '04 and got a 4Runner instead), but definately get the warrantly like Charles said - the cars are HOT, but they're not big on, uh, actually running.
  8. ... I like the white *lol* but it probably looks better in Southern California than in New York! I'd go with the gray, it's always a lovely neutral color. Plus it won't look so dirty!

  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

  10. In the UK there we have a lot of cockney rhyming slang -
    ie going up the apple and pears - stairs: brown bread - dead

    pikey is rhyming slang for - do as you likey (cheap and nasty)
  11. White.
  12. It sounds like you like the grey more, so get that one. We're looking at a Range Rover too. We have a white '03 Land Rover Discovery and DH washes it as often as he washes his own butt to keep it looking nice. White is definitely more maintenance.
  13. grey! im sure they are both beautiful looking though
  14. Grey! From personal experience, white is too hard to keep clean.:tdown:
  15. Is this from a 2006 report & the first year the RRS was released? Yes, there were some definite kinks to be worked out. I read Consumer Reports review of the 2007 model & it was alot better than for the 2006 model.

    We just bought a 2007 RRS supercharged in Zermatt Silver. I know someone who has one in white & it's very pretty:yes: