White or Creme handbags?

  1. I just received my Jimmy Choo Ross handbag in creme- this was the Ebay purchase that I was very nervous about...however, good news! :lol: It is definitely authentic and the leather feels like butter!

    This is my first white handbag, and I am ready to wear it out now that we are approaching summer-it feels fresh and lively after all this rain.

    I was watching the movie "Rumor Has It" on our flight back from Hawaii yesterday and was admiring the white handbag that Jennifer Aniston was running around with throughout the entire movie- (I think it's a Tod's Hogan Weekend Shopper) White handbags are an interesting complement to an outfit, and she sported it with all types of clothes.

    My question is: which do you prefer- real crisp white handbags or softer, more creme colored handbags? What kind of white handbags do you own? Or, do you like white handbags at all?

    It's good to be back, except I've got a lot of laundry to do! Marly
  2. ooo you'll have to post pictures! and welcome back!! I have a white coach bag in leather, I love to tote it around during the summer. I think white bags look smart in the summer
  3. I personally like white bags better than cream bags. They just 'pop' more. And you can caryy it with any colour you choose to wear.
  4. I have a creame and light blue bag that I love... I think I'm going to opt for creame.. but it just depends on the bag too!
  5. I have an off-white (not bright white, not really cream) caviar Chanel, and it goes with so many things...many more outfits than you would think.

    CONGRATS on your new Jimmy Choo purse!
  6. I think crips white colour is better. It makes me feel cleaner and I think it goes with more. Im not a fan on creme!
  7. I like crisp white better but cream may look better with a particular outfit.
  8. I like cream best. I am not a fan of chalk white.
  9. i like crisp white.. they are so eye-catching. it really draws one's attention, at least mine anyway!
  10. both. I have a stone ramona (I don't really consider it white..more light brown) and a white patent stam (which is a creamy white) and a stark white chanel jumbo flap...and love them all!
  11. I like white handbags very much, but I'm always afraid that they'll get dirty.
  12. Depends on what colour of clothes you wear more often. Cream generally goes with everything but looks dirty next to crisp white clothes. I wear a lot of white in the summer, had a cream bag which looked old and dirty with my crisp white clothes. I am looking for a crisp white bag now.
  13. I just bought an ivory/cream paddy. I never thought I'd like cream until this bag. Its beautiful!
  14. I like ivory/creme bags more since stark white bags may turn yellow with time especially along the edges.
  15. agree here, creme bags are better, especially since they may possibly be easier to clean than a white bag.... had a white bag and gosh, the moment it got stuff on it, I could not look at it anymore, I was just so pissed...