white or black?

  1. Hi can someone help me?

    I just came back from the boutique with a small classic black flap, it's way too small, so I'm going back in the morning to exchange for the larger one.

    The larger one comes in black and white, and I can't decide on which color to get...... I personally like the white, but roommate thinks it's too hard to match sometimes, what do you think?

    Thanks a bundle! I'm going back in the morning in 9 hrs, and man I can't sleep =(
  2. Depends on whether you already have several black bags? I would go for black, its simple, classy and versatile at the same time
  3. I've only got 1 prada messenger bag that's black
  4. i have only 1 flap and it is white and it is gorgeous! i love it and it just makes an outfit pop. however, if you believe that pple shouldnt wear white until after labor day then getting a white now doesn't really do you any good! but it is not hard to match at all but i would say it is more casual.
  5. Which will you use more then?
  6. the messenger bag is in the closet, right now using an orange paddington for daily use, hoping to use the chanel flap for daily use too.
  7. thanks jeshika, I'll keep that in mind tomorrow morning :smile:
  8. I meant if you would use white or black more often? Go for the one you will get more use out of.
  9. thanks Aurora! hmm, I don't really know, my concern is a pink eli tahari coat matching with a white bag, maybe I'll wear it to the boutique to try it out.

    thanks for all the advices, I'll call and ask SA to hold both bags before going tomorrow.
  10. both colors i find are versatile. white pairs nicely with neutrals and, as jeshika mentioned, it adds a pop of color--it's also a more difficult color to find. that said, if you don't plan to purchase more flaps, i would stick to black--it's a staple in your wardrobe.
  11. I'd go for the black. :yes:

    It's versatile and easy to take care of (if you compare to the white).
  12. I adore the white, but if you do plan on using your fab new bag almost every day, I think black is the way to go. Maybe you could get the white next spring time, as you are bound to want another after getting your first flap. I just feel black makes more sense as a primiary bag :smile:
  13. I love black bags, and would buy a black before purchasing white.
  14. I sat the black.
  15. if you're getting lambskin, then my vote is 10000000% for the black, because white lambskin is hellish to maintain!!! If you're getting a caviar bag on the other hand... i dunno, white is so pretty and not always available i don't think? I'd probably still go with a black bag, and i'd only consider the white if it were caviar.