white or black sophia.....?

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  1. please help me pick between white or balck sophia.....
  2. That is really a tough one...

    Do you have more bags in one or the other color? I'd go with the minority to "even it out".

    If I really had to choose though, I'd go with the white, in the LE.
  3. i have more black bags, o fcourse....
    but i dont know about white bag.... doesnt it get dirty easier?
  4. I would vote for black. I think it's just more versatile. Let us know what you decide...great bag!
  5. I say black! Classic & goes with just about everything!
  6. I vote for Black too. I say this b/c earlier this year I ordered the white b/c the majority of people I said "White". I normally don't do white bags, but I thought I would be open to new experiences...WRONG! The white LE Sophia is pretty, but the white is white (not creamy as I had imagined), and just didn't seem to do anything for me with the antique gold hardware...so back she went and I got the black instead...MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER! In fact I liked her so much I ordered a Black LE Stella too (on sale).
  7. white.:yes:
  8. I don't even try to keep a white bag. Love black.
  9. i ordered a black one after long.... consideration. its just easier to keep clean (or look clean hahahahaha). thanks for the suggestions girls....
    i will post pic when it gets here..... :biggrin:
  10. I have the White Sophia and use AG (Apple Garde) as a protectant spray and the AG leather care too. I'm using my white bag now, however I must tell you this is a very heavy bag to me. :ninja:
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