White or Black Multicolor Better with Patina?

Which color better white or black multi with patina?

  • black mutlicolor

  • white multicolor

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Aug 25, 2006
I am buying a multicolor white alma or black speedy from my boutique, and I was wondering which color looks better to you all with patina? I am thinking the white would be ok with an orangy patina and that the black looks better new, but I am not sure. Please take a minute to give your opinion. Thanks.


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Apr 18, 2007
I think the White multicolour looks absolutely gorgeous with patina!! The golden honney colour takes a lot of time to develop, but then it's fabulous! Makes everyone turn their heads to the bag, much because the contrast is soooo chic, and then because it's a LV afterall! When I see any white MC with patina (which is extremely rare here... an authentic LV, I mean) I feel like go and congrat their owner!!
You go for the white Alma!! And... love her!! You'll certainly fall in love with it's patina as it develops! Don't just sell it after two years..... most of the LV experience has to do with patina on vachetta (Lisbon LV manager's words). But then, if you don't really like patina... you should consider another kind of bag.. like an Ivory Epi or something.... (It's GORGEOUS, by the way!)


Jun 1, 2007
I have always been leery of patina with white....its what is keeping me from getting the damned azur keepall I think it looks sooo hot but I think I only think it looks hot because of the plae vachetta. That being said I do actually believe the white MC looks better with the light patina then the black.