White or Black Multi Color???

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  1. I am having a hard time deciding between the black and white Multi Color card case. It took me 30 minutes to decide (but still was undecisive) but by then both of the colors were out of stock on Elux. Urgh!!! I carry my business cards with me all the time because I am a real estate broker and I think this will be perfect. I like the black color because it is easier to take care of but do not like the fact that it is so jet black. I like brightness of the white but I am afraid it will get dirty really quick because I throw everything in my purse. I am always on the go. Any how, I want to get your advice so I could get it when I go to Europe in May. Could you please tell me the advantage and disadvantage of each color.


    Sorry couldnt find a black color except on the french website for LV.
  2. White... So fresh and clean looking
  3. White! It is so cute and "happy"!!!
  4. Both look beautiful, but I would go for black just for practical reasons- it will stay "in shape" longer:tup:
  5. White... I love it because it is so refreshing and youthful.
  6. I love black MC, so of course I say go for black. The color's "pop" a lot more and sometimes white MC likes to discolor.

  7. Is that true? The white MC likes to discolor??? Does that means the LVs painted on the canvas disappear/fade?
  8. the monogram on MCs can chip or rub off, but i stress that its only a result of excessive rubbing.

    i like white MC for certain things, but accessories, i love black mc more.
  9. I usually love white better than black ...but since I just got a black beverly...I say definitely go with black for accessories. ;)
  10. I had a white wapity and I thought it was pretty high maintenance. Especially inside a bag, it can rub against the other items quite easily. I say go with the black.

  11. That's a good point.
  12. white for me. but it is easily dirty.
  13. Some people have had problems with it discoloring, but I think it's more with he older pieces. It's just more high maintenance then black too!
  14. I'd definitely go with the black too.:yes:
  15. White for sure. The colours just look better against a white background.