White or Black Matelasse?

  1. Hey girls! this is my first time posting in the balenciaga forum- im more of a chanel and fendi girl :p but i've been looking at matelasse lately and ohmygoshhhhhhh how luxurious does the quilting look?!

    I need you lovely girls to help me decide which color i should get the matelasse in! im super torn! :confused1::sad: thanks girlssssss :smile::smile::smile::smile:
  2. I would say black because it's more versatile IMO...(+I'm afraid of light colored bags ;) )
  3. I would also say black, simply because its a classic color that can be used all year round and wont get dirty like the white. But which do you think you will get more use out of and prefer more?
  4. I would go for black between the two however, given a choice I would prefer an usual seasonal colour. I have a sandstone myself and love it!!
  5. I'd go for the black too......can be used all year round and won't show dirt.
  6. ahhhhh i love white so much though. however, im really scared of dirt showing! is there some way i can treat it to prevent darkening of handles and dirt staining on the leather?

    thanks for the replies, girls!
  7. black for sure! you can use it year round- always a bonus! it's a lovely bag!
  8. Black
  9. Black or Aquamarine!
  10. black.
  11. another vote for the black!!!
  12. aw man! all votes are for black! to be honest, im totally leaning towards white. the only problems are dirt stains and darkening of handles! is there any way i can treat it to prevent that from happening? thanks soooooo much for the replies, girls!! :smile::smile::heart:
  13. Treat it with Appleguard or Vectra. At Diabro.net they had the white for just over $600 last week & they might still have some. The white is gorgeous!!
  14. I like the white too. There's something so luxurious about it.
  15. Yes, I've seen the Matelasse IRL and they are definitely classic! I'd recommend a black because they are versatile and it won't get dirty easily (or at least it won't show, LOL). Good luck and let us know of your decision.