white or black birkin?


Should I pick white / black? assumed both are available.

  1. Black

  2. White

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  1. I can't believe my ear!! My bf told me that he rang up a few Hermes store and able to get hold of a white and a black birkin for me at the moment. Both are 35. not sure about the leather but I beieve it should be togo.

    He told me he 100% sure he could get the black, while on the white one, he has to wait for the answer from that store since the bag originally ordered by someone else.

    I just got my BJ last month. honestly, it will be another unexpected large purchase for me. I dont think I can afford both. which one should I get?
  2. as it is your second birkin and you already have one in an "exceptional" colour (blue jean) i would stick to the classic black and then white afterwards. but that is just me who thinks every hermès collector should have the basic starter black birkin in her collection ;)
  3. Black. It's a basic, classic, timeless color for a second birkin. The white would only be useful if you rotate your bags a lot because it gets dirty very easily and it is hard to maintain.
  4. Black most definitely...for too many reasons to list. Lots of best wishes to you and please share the outcome.
  5. At the moment, I am having a bit of headache.. ( believe it or not, I dreamed about the black birkin a few days ago, the manager offered me the black birkin and I cant decide I should take it or not hahah)

    I already placed an order for an orange and black birkin a few months ago and I will be able to get both in around 2 years time.

    I agreed that black is a " must have" birkin color and 35 is a perfect size too! but on the other hand, white is a "rare' color too! should I pick the white? and wait for the black?

    or just get the black?

    I wont be able to afford both because I really I hope I will be able to get hold of a shoulder birkin sometimes this year.

    I honestly cant wait till tomorrow and get an answer from the store about the availability on the white birkin.
  6. the question here is what colour will your shoulder birkin have? if that one is going to be black too get the white birkin now but if not stick to the black birkin now as yyou can use it more often then the white one.
    i agree the white is wonderful but itis definately not a bag you will use often and so more a colour for your birkin number 4 5 or 76 :lol:
  7. I would say wite. It's more eye catcing and a little less predictable than black.
  8. I love the idea of a white birkin! I think it wold be gorgeous, but may be seasonal depending on where you live and if you follow the "no white after labor day" rule. It would even come with the cute white leather covered lock. :heart: You would probably get more use out of black though.
  9. I agree with Sofi - for me it would be seasonal and I couldn't spend that money of such a seasonal bag! Do you want a black one? Maybe you should see about another color?? Just a thought...
  10. Hermès makes some of the most gorgeous white bags! However, be aware that white needs special care ... well, you probably know that anyway.

    My friend has a white Birkin in clemence and once she wore it with her jeans and the color of the jeans transferred a bit on the bag. We brought it to the store and the SA said that the only solution to remove the color is to have it refurbished and that will take a while. The SA then suggested to do it after summer so that my friend can use the bag as much as she wants before then.

    I, personally, would vote for black and get white in a less-expensive Hermès bag ... like a Picotin, Bolide, or Paris-Bombay!
  11. I would invest in a black one first.
  12. I think black is the perfect companion to your Blue Jean. BJ is already a breezy, summery, whimsical color - just like white. So, you may have trouble choosing between the two in your closet! But, BJ can be very limited and black will be great for those wardrobe "holes" that can't be filled by BJ...
  13. Agree :lol:
  14. I also agree with Greentea...:flowers:
  15. I agree, black is a classic that you can get so much more use out of and not have to worry about color transfer or dirt. :yes: