White Onatah

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  1. Was shown to me today when I went shopping.

    Is this bag very very limited?

    Cos there's only one in my store and I check ebay and the seller mention that there's only 24 in USA ( this one I kinda doubt it )

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  2. I think it's regular colour:confused1:
  3. I thought the white was just a new colour in the Onatah line. :confused1:
  4. So, it's not limited or seasonal?
  5. Not sure about color exclusivity but it's very pretty.
  6. I thought it was going to be just another color in the line (like Moka and Aubergine).

    BTW: It's GORGEOUS! Damn I wish I took better care of my bags. I could never allow myself to get a white bag.
  7. that is so beautiful!!
  8. elux has a white leather one this morning.:yes:
  9. Does anyone know if the Moka and Aubergine are still available? :confused1:

  10. so pretty!
  11. My store has one, I know its not LIMITED with a certain # name but I am pretty sure it is seasonal and a new color will be out like October?
  12. I heard from the store manager that this will be the last color for the onatah series though.
  13. It is soo pretty, thanks for the pic.
  14. omg..that's soo nice! i want it!!!!!
  15. Thanx for the pic! It's very nice....I also see some yummy pomme bags in the background....the Bedford's gorge!