White Onatah, Ivorie Speedy and Ivorie Montaigne PM on Elux now!

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  1. Hurry Hurry! :popcorn:
  2. and lots of other new stuff too!

    like the congos!
  3. No way.... White Onatah? I was just placing a call to my SA...
  4. Wow, the white is sooo pretty!
  5. Wow, they Speedy Ivoire and Montaigne.
    Good thing I already have it. :smile:

    But the White Onatah, I want to see IRL.
    I guess I'm making a trip back to LV Fri or Sat. :girlsigh:
  6. are you??? we should grab some Beard Papas!!
  7. Oh no way! mello_yello_jen, I didn't realize you're in NorCal until your last post!

    I'm in Foster City and DH offered to come with me on Saturday.
    On Friday, I'm afraid I'll be back too late from SJ, but I know for sure I have time on Saturday morning. :graucho:

    The Dentelle Speedy was for my birthday and now the Onatah is also for my b-day...
    But my b-day is not until August! :sweatdrop:

    Between the two boutiques last Friday, we walked out with two bags full of stuff for Mother's Day and DH said that was it.
    Now he says this one, and that's it... :yahoo:

    Yummm.... Beard Papa's... 10 am is not too early for cream puffs!
  8. OMG- these new items are killer!!!!!!!
  9. I'm PMing ya! :nuts:
  10. Ooh can't see the pic, looks sold out :crybaby:
  11. white onatah.jpg
  12. They have a leopard stephen too. I thought those were really hard to find?
  13. Wow!
  14. Could not find the Stephen and I just checked, is it already gone?