white on white?

  1. I got a white classic flap w/out thinking that most of my clothes are white :noggin: would you use a white bag with a white top? thanks!
  2. i think it's ok. seen some celebrities do that
  3. i would..but that's just me...now, i wouldn't be brave enough to wear all white...
  4. I do !I've used it with white suit and black/ red /blue and purple shirt!
    If the whole outfit is white though I :yes:wear different colour shoes and match them with similar scarf!
  5. so u girls dont think it would be weird to wear a white top with white bag?
  6. I think it looks great IF the whites are in the same shade, which doesnt happen that often and one of them end up looking dirty.
  7. hmm that's interesting i'll go try that hehe
  8. i'd be brave enough to wear white linen pants with a white linen top while carrying a white bag--and toss a black cardi over my shoulders. i think that could be pulled off nicely in warm climates. nothing wrong with a white purse with a white shirt IMO.
  9. I think it would look fine as long as you had some other kind of color in your outfit. I would like it like ldldb said with a white shirt and maybe a black cardigan- to offset the two whites. Don't worry too much and enjoy your new bag!
  10. alright thanks girls :cutesy:
  11. Yup, will look great even if the whole ensemble is in white :tup:
  12. i would wear a white top with a pair of black shorts or pants and with a white bag!

    i just did that yesterday, a white top, white chanel flap and skinny jeans!

  13. agreed!