white on black cambon bowler

  1. i have decided that i am desperately in love with the white on black cambon bowler....

    has anyone sighted it latelY?:tender:
  2. no I haven't seen black/white recently. I've only seen the same color on color action.
  3. :love: 0o00o the cambon bowler... such a wonderful bag!!! :wlae:
  4. I've only seen pictures of Paris Hilton with about every color combination.
    My friend has the beige/black one..it's a cute bag. Like the reporter without all the pockets :smile:
  5. I saw a small one in the Chanel store in Houston. Last one!
  6. I'm new to this and I'm desperately looking for a small cambon bowler bag black with white CC. Anyone see it anywhere or anyone wants to sell it?
  7. great bag!! i am sure San Francisco's Chanel boutique has the white on black bowler still available, it might not be on display but I'm sure it's in the back.
  8. I just bought one about a month ago or so. I had been drooling over it for a couple of years actually lol. I have seen it at the 57th Street boutique in New York. Not sure if they just have a sample or backstock, too. But they can check for you. I like Shoko there....she is super helpful.

    I bought mine from Nick at Short Hills in New Jersey. I was at the Short Hills mall and shopping and saw it. I had heard that they might be discontinued (although now I hear that they may not be...not sure). So I figured I better get it before they are all gone. Nick is fantastic! Super customer service! At the time, they only had the display bag so he ordered one for me from another store. He even insisted that he get me a new one. It looked like it had just been conditioned and arrived in a beautiful box with a ribbon.

    You could also try the 1800 Chanel number and they can locate one for you. They can only check the boutiques, not the department stores. I didn't have much luck finding one in the department stores so it might be better to go through Chanel.

    If you call Nick, tell him I said "Hi". He will probably remember me as being there with my husband and baby boy.

    I think you will love the bag! It is so well organized and I just LOVE the pink interior.
  9. Thanks, you're all very helpful. I'll check up those stores tomorrow. I have been calling around about 10+ stores and boutiques and none of them seem to carry it. I also tried 1800chanel and the customer service could not locate one for me. Yeah, I know it's beautiful and I want to own it. I lost sleep over this bag :sad:.
  10. I checked out the stores today and none of the stores have the small (the 8.5 inches long) cambon bowler black w/white cc. They do have some big bag (the 11 inches long), maybe less than 10 if someone interested to purchase. Oh, I spoke with Shoko and indeed she was very very helpful and return your calls too, very excellent service! Now my last place is ebay, but I'm really doubt about ebay about its authentication.