White nail tips : Drab or Fab?

  1. I recently decided to try some white acrylic tips... I've had them done yesterday.

    Now, I'm a bit perplexed : The tip is just 1 milimètre... but they look so white, so unnatural, so fake....even when that short . I really had to fight to get them short , by the way...

    Have you had my experience? Or is it just me, and I'm not used to them....
  2. I'm 100% pro natural nails. It always looks better.
    If your intention is to have acrylic nails put on to look "natural", don't do it because it never does. Do it to stop a biting habit or if you have a party and your nails aren't looking too pretty. With that said, if you think it looks too fake, I'd suggest going back to your nail technician with your concerns. They are usually willing to work with you, fixing a bit here and there.
  3. I've had the white tips put on once and I didn't like them. They were too white. I suggest, that if you're going to get acrylics, have them put on the regular tip and paint a french manicure on them. It looks so much more natural that way.
  4. Natural nails look better and they are healthier for your nails. I hate the fake look. Sometimes it looks too cheap :s
  5. I'm not into the white nail tips either. It makes me think of people with really fake blindingly white teeth.
  6. Are you talking about the white french tips with acrylic nails? You don't like them OMG, I love them. I get them before every vacation. They're not good for your nails, so I only do it 4-5 times a year. But if they weren't bad for my nails, I would have them all the time.

    I've never thought that they are supposed to look real. It's not like I'm trying to fool people. Of course they're fake!
  7. I did them bc my natural nails were extremely brittle and I
  8. oups !

    and I could not grow them...
    They were looking really bad... so I guess the acrylic looks passable now...
  9. I'm with most of the people above, I'm not a fan of the acrylic nails. Why not just take better care of your nails in the future? Putting the fake ones on are only hurting your nails and making them more brittle. But it's everyone's personal preference!
  10. I havent had them since my wedding 3yrs ago...and i got them the other day on a whim....and I can't stand them! I can't do anything and they look ok, not spectacular....

    i gotta go back and stick to my short dark nail polished nails

    remind me not to get tips ever again!!!!!!!
  11. Take a sheer pink or ivory polish and just paint one coat over them. You'll still be able to see the contrast between the pink nail and white tip, but it will make them look wayyy more natural.
  12. I wear acrylics with gel overlay with French airbrush every day of the year and love them. I constantly get compliments on my nails/
  13. very yesterday...
  14. I read in all the magazines that they are really out of date, but everyone here in TX has them (including me!) and so does Victoria Beckham. (She even has acrylic on her toes!) I say, what's good enough for Posh is good enough for me, lol!! (I get compliments on my nails all the time, too) Here's a pic of mine:

  15. Sorry! No one here will be able to convince me that acrylic nails with a french tips are "so yesterday" and out of style. No way! Celebs are wearing them; brides are wearing them;; I was in Cabo at Christmas and 50% of the girls were wering them; my co-worker's daughter in high school just went to the Winter Formal and she said most of the girls were wearing them.

    So if they are "out", I'm not sure people are listening. I know I'm not.:wlae: