White Nail Polish

  1. I have noticed alot of people in hollywood wearing white opaque or really light pink polish. I am not such a fan of the white but I would like to find a really ligth opaque pink polish. What do you guys think of the trend and do you have any good color suggestions?
  2. I love chanel blanc ceramic (white), or allegoria (pink). good color choices.
  3. Essie's Madamoiselle!
  4. What I do is compromise. I get a very light beige-pink, and a sort of ivory, but in sheer "French manicure" formulations, and do a thin coat of each.

    The result is very subtle, just a little lighter than my nails are with no polish, but without really changing the "tone" drastically.

    So, if your nails are naturally pink, instead of a beige, you would get a pale pink, and instead of an ivory, something more like a cream, or even a white with just a kiss of pink, the sheerness is the key, if you want to avoid that big opaque statement, but just want to make your nails look a bit paler than they are!