White nail polish suggestions?

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  1. I've heard white nail polish is hot this season. What are your favorite brands and colors for white? I want a milky white, not "White Out" white! :smile:
  2. i like my chanel allegoria which is a milky ivory/white.
  3. Blanc ceramic by Chanel
  4. I've heard of the Blanc Ceramic by Chanel. Sounds like I need to find a Chanel counter!
  5. Is the Blanc Ceramic an opaque color? I just looked online. The Allegoria looks like it has a bit more taupe tones to it, but the Blanc Ceramic looks stark white. I guess I will have to see them in person!

    Anyone else have any other suggestions? I've never work white or trendy nail polish. I usually go French or clear so I'm not sure I want to spend that much on a color I'm not sure will be "me". Are there any good drugstore colors you guys like??
  6. Thanks! I'll look for the OPI color, I know where to find OPI, we just don't have Chanel around here!
    That pic is def a stark white. Reminds me of White Out!
  7. I use Opi.. I think the colour is called Ivory. Or it looks like that hehe. It's a great milky white, very natural colour. I mostly wear it on my tips but I'm sure it would look just as great all over!
  8. i use OPI "calling all goddesses"
    it is an off white color and not white out like alpine snow
  9. I agree! I bought this at the weekend and I love it! Looks great against tanned hands and feet!
  10. Would you mind posting a picture? I am on the fence about this colour, i am olive skinned and i can't help thinking it will make me look ill! I think it would look cute on someone with fair skin though
  11. boots 17 do a white and a black which are just as good as the chanel ones if youre not sure about trying them then 17 is a cheaper option.
  12. where do you find 17?
  13. I know they sell the boots products at Target.

    I just tried Blanc Ceramic over the weekend. It is white but to me it has yellow undertones. Does that make sense? It seemed to turn after a couple of days. Does anyone else have this problem. Could it be the topcoat the salon used?
  14. So Boots 17 is the brand name? Do you remember what color it was or was it the only white? Thanks!!!!