white muse for fall?

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  1. I just bought the large black muse last week and am actually considering getting the white one as well. The white will go well with my wardrobe of mainly black and brown clothes. But the SA told me the white would be a lot harder to take care of, especially when it starts to rain (I'm in San Francisco) and that denim tends to get onto the bag as well... :s What do you guys think? Should I get the bag? Also, any suggestions on how I can weatherpoof the bag (if possible)?
  2. Hi! I have a white Muse, I have retired her for the winter because the weather where I live is quite severe.

    I used Vectra spray to protect the bag and after being used all summer she still looks great! I also never had any problem with denim getting on the bag.

    I look forward to using her again next summer!