White Multicolour Cosmetic Pouch as a clutch?

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  1. I recently heard that Louis Vuitton will discontinue its MC line which I've always wanted a piece as I lived it growing up. It's not really my style anymore however before it's gone I would like to get either one or a few pieces. However I'm stuck on what to get, the Milla clutch looks too small, I'm not 100% on the Speedy or the Alma as I don't like them once they have aged with a patina. I do like the cosmetic pouch and think its cute. Does anyone own this? Could I use it as a clutch as I wouldn't ever use it as a cosmetic pouch as I get powder EVERYWHERE! Any help or ideas welcome?!
  2. How about a Cles, or a preloved Pochette? I love MC. I have a white MC Pocchette that I sometimes carry in the summer. If you want to spend a little more, I highly recommend the Sarah wallet in Black MC! I love mine!!
  3. +1
  4. I am getting the Cley no matter what! I've looked at the wallets and they don't really do it for me :sad: I was going to get the Speedy 30 but I feel they don't age well!
  5. Cles is an awesome item! I love the cosmetic bag too, but it looks like a cosmetic bag so I would not carry that as a clutch. Check the preloved Pochette's. You can maybe get a good deal. Or how about a White Noe? I always thought the White MC Noe was so adorable! This would not take the place of a clutch I know., but it's a cute bag!
  6. I never thought about the Noe, I bet that's so cute!
  7. The thing is...I'm not a big fan of the Noe, but I love it in white MC! For some reason certain styles and patterns just look "right" to me and white MC Noe is adorable!
  8. look around on some of the pre-loved sites for a MC Shirley, it's a cute clutch with an optional strap. or go for a Pochette. whenever i see photos of a celebrity carrying a cosmetic case as a clutch all i can think of is "hey, that's a cosmetic case, not a purse."
  9. I agree - perfect for running errands - it's about 10"x4" and I love the design.
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391653680.139509.jpg
  11. Very pretty
  12. my favorite MC would be the Kate Clutch but its discontinued. love the look and the size of it, the best part is the fact its vachetta free. when I'm off my self impose ban, i will be in a hunt for one.

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  13. Most of the clutch pieces in MC have been dicontinued, but I'd definitely hold off and keep an eye on trusted reseller sites for some "true" clutches in MC to pop-up and snag if in your price range. I feel like a cosmetic pouch would look a lot like....well, a cosmetic pouch intended for makeup.....I'm not trying to be rude at all and hope not to come off that way, but I don't think you'd feel comfortable with its structure when using it as a clutch.

    However, if you definitely want a brand new piece from the store and like the look of it on you as a clutch, go for it! At the end of the day, it's all about what you love and feel looks best on you!
  14. I think the cosmetic pouch would look fine as a clutch, and the size and shape is functional as a clutch. It's a lovely piece, you can use it however you want! I wouldn't think it was strange to see someone using it as a clutch.
  15. I saw a picture of Gail (Oprah's friend) on some red carpet event holding a Mono cosmetic pouch as a clutch. Wear it how you want.