White multicolore bag owners...Do you have a

  1. favorite color top to wear with your bag? I've been told white multicolore will match practically everything, but, IMO some of my tops look "off" when I'm carrying MC. I really love the cheerfulness of the mc and would like to use it more often but I'm a bit color-challenged and wouldn't ever be mistaken for a fashionista :shame:.
    Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated (pics would be nice :love:) FYI, I have dark hair, am light-brown skinned, and my everyday garb consists of jeans & a top. Also, does anyone think it makes a difference whether you wear light, med, or dark colored jeans with your white mc? TIA
  2. I only have a black mc priscilla, but I wear it with all colors. My usual wear is a solid color top and jeans, so I figure it MUST work, right? :smile:
  3. I think you can wear it with all colors....it's so colorful. Just be careful of really dark jeans and color transfer.
  4. I think as long as you're not wearing a top that's too 'busy' a pattern, then the bag should match perfectly!
  5. Yes, as Antonia said above, as long as the top doesn't have a busy pattern, you and your bag should match perfectly. I have the white MC Rita and whenever I carry her I usually opt for a one-colored top and jeans (I am usually in jeans as a SAHM!).
  6. Any solid color shirt will work
  7. A plain white top with dark jeans.... awesome! :tup:
  8. Great collection you have there. I love the Shirley. About the top, I think everything would match. But me, sometimes I wear dark tops and denim jeans, the MC would pop.... like a champage. lolz
  9. Thanks for your input guys. :tup: I'm gonna try some stuff on.

    Time traveller, never though about the white top/dark jeans combo with the white MC. Can't wait to see it on.

    Purse_lover, the dark top/dark jeans thing...I like what you said about it popping like champagne. Looking forward to seeing that combo, too.
  10. Have fun and try wearing different colored tops to 'pop' out a favorite color from the bag!!
  11. This is exactly what i do I also wear white shirt with white and black shirt with black
  12. The multicolores are really versatile IMO. One day I wear mine with jeans, the other day with a formal dress.
    IMO, it looks best with all summer colors. Although it can look good on a black dress. The only colors I really avoid are brown and grey.
  13. MMMMMMM, love your white MC! I have the Shirley too! Adore your speedy! Wear in the best of health and with Pink
  14. MMMMMMM, love your white MC! I have the Shirley too! Adore your speedy! Wear in the best of health and with Pink and blue!:tup:
  15. Any solid color top should do nicely!