White MultiColor Speedy vs White Watercolor Speedy vs White Suhali Lockit

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  1. i'm not ever sure if i'm going to purchase one of these bags but i've found all three in the same price range and i don't own a white bag. so ... which one would you get?

    i don't own anything in the MultiColor collection and have always loved the white Speedy. i think this is the one i'm favoring (at the moment ... that's always subject to change:graucho:).

    i have 2 Suhali Lockits and love them! found a white PM in beautiful condition so i might have to snag it up.

    White Watercolor Speedy - i adore my Brown one but don't know if i'd be comfortable with the white one. because of the light color the 35 size seems huge! but it's so gorgeous.
  2. Hi OP,

    Initially I would have to say WC cos as you know the WC is so gorgy, but i say you pass up on the 35. It's just huge. However, if you do find a white WC in 30..... that's a different story:graucho:

    Anyway, my vote is for the multicolor since you don't have anything in your collection.

    Good luck!
  3. I think you can guess what I'll say. :smile:

    If the price is good, the Suhali. The quality and materials are superior to your other choices and the style works for you. I don't believe this would ever land on your regrets list.

    Secondly, the WC, but only in a 30. If you can find one in the 30, grab it, as it's another lifetime keeper. However, this one is elusive and expen$ive.

    Nothing wrong at all with the MC Speedy, but it's more common than the other two and should be obtainable at a decent price and condition.

    Realistically, I think the order would be, 1. Suhali, 2. MC & 3. WC, because of rarity.

    Good luck in your hunt!
  4. 1. WC, 2. Suhali, 3. MC
  5. you know how much i love the Suhali Lockits! and like you said, the quality is superior.

    and while i love the white WC, it's a 35. the Brown one i have beautiful and it's one of my favorite bags. but i think the white looks huge in the 35 size and might not be comfortable carrying it.

    the MultiColor is not very common where i live, probably more so in town but i'm out in the 'burbs where Coach is the dominant brand.

    i'm not too serious about any of them, just getting some ideas. i think i'm in that in-between stage where nothing is on my radar and i'm trying to fill a void. and i'm usually pretty good about not making a purchase when this is the case - just a lot of talk and thinking about it ;)
  6. I would go for the Suhali. Elegant, yet understated :smile:
  7. I have to go with the MC. It is so beautiful with all the lovely colors & gold hw.
  8. Since you already have two Suahli Lockits, I'd vote for the White Watercolor. I love, love MC Speedy, but the Watercolor is a bit more understated - it's a nicer balance between the Suhali and the MC.
  9. Definitely the MC Speedy! You already have Lockits and Watercolor :flowers:
  10. this fact did cross my mind ... i don't have anything from the MultiColor line.
  11. Definitely get the white wc speedy as it is hard to come by - and I'm really biased, to me, it' s one of the most beautiful LE pieces! A lot more versatile than the white MC speedy, and lighter in weight. White Suhali is pretty but then, you already have 2 Suhali bags and it may be good to diversify :smile:
  12. I vote for the WC Speedy since you already have two lockits. The WC is rarer than MC and I love the white! So my choices would be
    1. WC
    2. MC
    3. Lockit

    I have a white WC Speedy 35 and white mc Speedy and Alma--I love all of them and always get compliments whenever I carry them.
  13. Yup, I understand that "in-between" period. Well, you know what I turn to and they're easy to sneak in the house, too! LOL
  14. I would say WC all the way. The WC is a keeper...and will continue to hold its value over time! My second choice would be the multicolor!
  15. I will get the Suhali Lockit since you already have two and they're gorgeous imagine how nice they will look all together!
    Also, Suhali is much more understated chic and not SCREAMING LV which I see is really high class, not that I mind Logos it's just sometimes its nicer to hide them