White Multicolor OR Cherry Blossom??

  1. White Multicolor OR Cherry Blossom for my first LV?? Which one should I pick? If I go with white multicolor, I can get it in department store. If I pick CB, I have to get it from ebay. If you like CB, which color do you think it's nice? Pink, Red/Pink, OR the Brown one? Which one do you think it's more versatile??? Sorry, I am so undecisive!! :rolleyes: Thanks a lot! :heart:
  2. I would personally go for the cherry blossom since it's discontinued, and in terms of versatility, I'd say the brown/pink combo is the most versatile. If you're like me and wear a lot of pink, then go for the pink/pink combo, lol. I'd go for the papillon, too.
  3. Definately the white MC!
  4. Cherry Blossom. As for the color, I'd get Red/Creme. :biggrin:
  5. Agreed, it is the rarest one after all ! :graucho:
  6. Which bag are you thinking of? Pochette?
    Cherry Blossom would be great, you can always get a Multic. piece later :yes:
    Just make sure that you buy from a trusted seller and/or post the link in the sticky above!
  7. White MC. That way, you can pick a brand new piece and not have to worry about authenticity issues.
  8. Cherry Blossom
  9. Cherry Blossom in red/creme! It is actually quite versatile, believe it or not!
  10. It all depends on your personal style and needs. Cherry blossom bags are so exquisite and rare, and they are reasonably priced in the aftersale market these days. They are sort of "young" and whimsical. You are limited to the pochette, papillon and retro if you go with a CB bag, so if you're seeking a tote style or roomy shoulder bag for practical reasons, this might not be the way to go. But Multicolore is gorgeous as well--it's doable for every age, every style and every season. They are very versatile and readily available. You may want to get a CB piece now while they're reasonable, before all the new/like new ones are gone. MC will be around for a while. :smile:
  11. Depends on the bag. Which style are you thinking of getting?
  12. i love the MC pochette. it looks sooo chic.
  13. I am thinking of getting the Pochette. :drool: Anybody can recommend a good seller on ebay? What about the ebay seller called "thehuangfamily"? eBay Australia Shop - AUTHENTIC CHERRY VUITTON HOUSE:

    It's weird that I can't be able to search for their products in the USA ebay site. :confused1: The seller is located in US, but his ebay shop is in "Ebay Australia" :confused1:
  14. thehuangfamily sells authentic Cherry Blossom items, but painfully overpriced (although this didn't stop me from buying two bags from her :lol:). and you can search for them on the USA site :yes:.

    the Red/Creme Cherry Blossom is the rarest one. i would say get that first, because it's discontinued. you can always get a Multicolore later on.
  15. Go for the CB!
    You can never go wrong with that line...:heart: