white mulberry roxanne

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  1. that's pretty. What country stands for php? :confused1:
  2. You should post that in the "Authenticate This" thread as the ladies there will be able to help you.
  3. ^^ Yes and I seem to remember 'LR' mark on Mulberry label means no good... (but I may be wrong!)
  4. hi, php stands for philippine peso - thanks for the quick reply, so do you think its authentic? what's the 'LR' stands for. thanks!
  5. hi ratrat do you think that this is a fake? ive been wondering the same about the 'LR' mark on the mulberry label? anyway ive already posted this on the 'authenticate this' thread... much much thanks for all your comment - highly appreciated.
  6. Originally Posted by JazzyJay [​IMG]
    Just to add a thought to Mr Holmes' number 4 roxanne - I am not entirely convinced about it because I have yet to see a genuine roxanne with the LR initials on. As we already know, LR are the initials that are/were commonly used on some of the first replicas produced and still remain on some of them. The LR initials I have seen only on genuine Jackies, Jacquettas, Geenas and Kieras (all from the same 'family').

    googled05, the above was THE expert's comment, a couple of month ago. If you search with 'LR' you can find it in the Authenticate thread.

  7. hi again ratrat how about this? is this speedy authentic? im sorry to ask you but im having a hard time how to work the purse forum :sad: but ive attached some pics - so please help me. thank you in advance :smile: