White monogram multicolor Sarah wallet

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  1. I've searched the threads and haven't found a lot about this color/print in this wallet. I'm really wanting one for spring, but debating between the black and the white. The white looks so fresh, but will it get too dirty with daily use? Also, I could use the black more easily year around. Thoughts please??? Which should I get?

    Also, the white MM is sold out in the new style Sarah, but I can get the black in the new style.

    If I go with the white - which color interior?

    Attached are some pics for reference.

    Attached Files:

  2. I really like the black with fuchsia. It's a nice pop of color. I don't see that with the white/light pink combination.
  3. I've been debating the same thing with the MC Sarah. I bought a black Zippy CP and while I love it, I think it may be too small for me.
    I know the new model Sarah is VERY new, so I'm wondering if it'll have the same curling issues I've read about on the old one.
    With that all being said, the black & pink just gives me butterflies - I love it so much!
  4. Love the black one! I'm debating this one too.
  5. 2 weeks from now, my good friend and I will be both buying new wallets and I am having headaches daily as to which long wallet to choose -- and MC Sarah NM is on my list too (along with Pomme Zippy and Emilie DE with a noir MC cles)! But since you're just choosing bet. these 2 MC, I'd vote for noir! I love the black one with the deep pink interior. It makes me smile whenever I see it! GL dear! ;)
  6. The black looks amazing with that pink interior! Good luck choosing!
  7. I love the black one. I love that fuschia sooo much. Good luck on deciding. :smile:

  8. It's very possible to have the curling problem. A lot of canvas material card slots have that problem. Well I guess I wouldn't call it "problem" it's just now the material sets sometimes. The wallet with the orange already has the curled slots.
  9. While I don't have the Sarah in MC, I have the white zippy/pink MC (litchi) and she's 4 years old. No problems with chipping and even around the zipper it's still white. I don't baby my stuff but do use them daily.

    I do love the black/fuchsia!!
  10. I personally love the black better👍
  11. +1
  12. I love the black one!
  13. i prefer the black one
  14. That's good to know about the White MC! I just think it's so pretty for spring - but I do think the black/pink has more pop!
  15. I have the "old" style Black MC Sarah with fuchsia interior. I love it! The outer cc slots do have a slight curl but I don't see how the newer Sarah style can prevent it--unless they somehow fortified the edges of the slots. They only curl with constant use--my Sarah wallets that I don't use that much haven't curled at all.

    I ended up letting go of most of my White MC accessories to purchase black since the white will discolor over time.