White mini bowling bag

  1. I bot my white mini bowling bag today !!!:yahoo:

    It cost me usd1.2k ! I think I overpaid but I live in Asia and prices ARE HIGHER here :hysteric:

    My worry now is : will the colour from my clothes transfer onto the white bag ?!!

    I love white ! But I go crazy over the maintainence of it :s
    white bag.jpg
  2. Tell me I made the right choice !!!

    I'd actuallly wanted to get another motorcycle !
    (I already have a motorcycle, and a twiggy).

    Then I saw this white baby and I fell in love straight away !!!
  3. awe, i love you new mini-bowler & just bought one in griege :yahoo:...i was drawn to the lighter color too & decided to go for it :yes:...i've gotta send out an apology for not posting photos yet :Push:...i think you should definitely keep the white!!!

    p.s. can't offer any tips since it's my 1st light color!!!
  4. I have a Mini Bowling in greige...is amazing..
    Congrats for your new bag!
  5. ^^ we're twinsies now l_b:wlae:
  6. Congrats! What a beautiful bag!

  7. :P :P
    Please post pics!!!
  8. katyc- :heart: I LOVE the BOWLING!!!!:heart: I have have the large size and it's my favorite!!! Welcome to the bowling club!:drinks: :party: (I actually want to get another bowling!)
  9. Hey Katy,

    First of all, congratulations on your new bag, it's gorgeous! The mini-bowling really has a very graceful shape.

    One of these products might help you -

    Apple Leather Protector - LeatherStuff.com | Apple Leather Protector

    Or the Apple Garde Rain and Stain Repellent - LeatherStuff.com | Apple Rain and Stain Repellent

    One of the members used the second product (Garde) on her white Twiggy and it's still as white as white can be. Several light applications are preferable to one thick application. I have not used the first one, only the second and it works fantastically. I just suggested the first too, because you can't airmail an aerosol, which the Garde is.

    I wish you well,

  10. Katy:
    Congrats! I have this bag in white and I love it. :heart: Its the perfect shape and size!
  11. Congratulations, she is beautiful!
  12. congrats! it's a gorgeous bag
  13. Yay!!! Congrats! I was eyeing the Mini Bowling style last week---it's soooo cute! Enjoy!:yahoo:
  14. Congrats !!!
    Your bag is so cute !!!
  15. Thank you gals for the 'baby shower' !!

    Zacorey - I saw the big one in a nice brown !! I loved it too !

    But I am having a white obsession hence I took the mini one in white :smile: